Participating in Simplified Acqusitions at NRL

Our Procurement Authority

The Supply and Information Services Division, Code 3400, specifically the Purchasing Branch, Code 3410 processes NRL procurements falling under the simplified acquisition authorities.  The simplified acquisition authorities are: All procurement requests for supplies, materials or services with an award amount of $150K or less on the open market; firm fixed price procurement requests for supplies, materials or services available through the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) program or other indefinite-delivery type contracts up to the maximum order limit as specified in the contract; and all procurement requests using the Test program for Certain Commercial Items authority.  This authority, currently scheduled to expire 1 January 2015, covers acquisitions in amounts greater than $150K but not exceeding $6.5M. Procurements exceeding this authority are the responsibility of the NRL Contracting Division, Code 3200. 

Getting Started

If you would like to be considered for future procurement opportunities, email your company information to or mail to:

Naval Research Laboratory
Purchasing, Code 3410
4555 Overlook Avenue
Washington, D.C.  20375-5000

Additionally, Purchasing, NRL Code 3410, has set aside Monday mornings as "Vendor Days" to allow contractors/vendors an opportunity to visit and meet the Contracting Officers/Purchasing Agents.   Mondays during the month of September as well as those during Christmas Holidays are excluded.

Please contact the Receptionist at (202) 767-9288 to schedule an appointement.  

How to Respond to Solicitations

All Requests for Quotations (RFQs) issued by the Supply and Information Services Division will be posted on this website for download by potential quoters.   The RFQs are in PDF format and are viewable with the Adobe Acrobat Reader.   Amendments to these RFQs will also be posted on this website for download. 

If you choose to participate in a particular solicitation it is your responsibility to check this website on a regular basis.   This will ensure that you receive any amendments that are issued to a particular RFQ that you may have interest in.

Questions regarding any RFQs should be addressed to the Contracting Officer at the fax number stated in the RFQ or via email to .   Please reference the RFQ number on the subject line of the email.  Any questions must be submitted to the Contracting Officer at least five (5) working days in advance of the closing date for the RFQ.

The answers to any questions that are submitted will be provided to all potential quoters in the form of an amendment to the RFQ posted on this website.

The submission of all responses to RFQs posted on this site must be in writing by the closing date, time and the place specified in the RFQ.

Current Solicitations (combined synopsis/solicitations are listed below)

RFQ Number Issue Date Amendment Issue Date Current Closing Date Description View
N00173-14-Q-0006 10/25/13 11/21/13 Cancelled Install Above-Ground Storage Tank 14-Q-0006


10/30/13 N/A 11/08/13 Signal Generator 14-Q-0008
N00173-14-Q-0010 11/1/13 N/A 11/8/13 Internal Cables 14-Q-0010
N00173-14-Q-0011 11/6/13 N/A 11/15/13 16 Port Military Switch 14-Q-0011
N00173-14-Q-0024 11/8/13 N/A 11/15/13 FEM Bundled Software License & Hardware Key 14-Q-0024
N00173-14-Q-0028 11/12/13 N/A 11/25/13 Replace Wood Siding and Repair Deck 14-Q-0028
N00173-14-Q-0030 11/20/13 N/A 11/29/13 NURBS Libraries 14-Q-0030
N00173-14-Q-0032 11/21/13 N/A 12/2/13 Servers 14-Q-0032
N00173-14-Q-0033 11/21/13 N/A 12/2/13 Probe Station for Solar Simulator 14-Q-0033
N00173-14-Q-0034 11/22/13 N/A 11/26/13 Non-Recurring Engineering Services 14-Q-0034
N00173-14-Q-0035 11/25/13 N/A 12/2/13 DC-18 GHz Electromechanical Switch 14-Q-0035
N00173-14-Q-0038 12/2/13 N/A 12/11/13 PICOSECOND Streak Camera 14-Q-0038
N00173-14-Q-0039 12/4/13 12/6/13 12/11/13 LP Dewpoint Monitors 14-Q-0039
N00173-14-Q-0041 12/13/13 N/A 12/24/13 Install Dry Cooler Controller, Condenser Tank and Expansion Tank 14-Q-0041
N00173-14-Q-0042 12/4/13 N/A 12/16/13 Wideband Frequency Converters 14-Q-0042
N00173-14-Q-0045 12/12/13 N/A 12/17/13 PICOSECOND Streak Camera 14-Q-0045
N00173-14-Q-0046 12/12/13 N/A 12/17/13 Thermal Analyzer 14-Q-0046
N00173-14-Q-0047 12/12/13 N/A 12/17/13 Plates and Plates Coupon 14-Q-0047
 N00173-14-Q-0058 12/26/13 1/6/14 1/10/14 Software Development Support 14-Q-0058
N00173-14-Q-0061 1/6/14 N/A 1/10/14 Antenna Feed 14-Q-0061
N00173-14-Q-0066 1/3/14 1/7/14 1/10/14 MGE Galaxy 4000 UPS & Accessories 14-Q-0066
N00173-14-Q-0067 12/30/13 1/3/14 1/17/14 Rapid Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition Hybrid System 14-Q-0067
N00173-14-Q-0071 1/3/14 N/A 1/13/14 Xilinx Field Programmable Gate Array 14-Q-0071
N00173-14-Q-0073 1/6/14 N/A 1/17/14 RF Amplifiers 14-Q-0073
N00173-14-Q-0075 1/6/14 N/A 1/17/14 Micro-Raman System 14-Q-0075
N00173-14-Q-0077 1/15/14 N/A 1/27/14 Wavelength 14-Q-0077
N00173-14-Q-0078 1/17/14 N/A 1/27/14 Cryostat 14-Q-0078
N00173-14-Q-0079 1/10/14 N/A 1/15/14 SpectraPro, Gratings, PyLoN, Software & Accessories 14-Q-0079
N00173-14-Q-0080 1/15/14 N/A 1/24/14 Independent Material Evaluation 14-Q-0080
N00173-14-Q-0082 1/13/14 N/A 1/17/14 Oscillator 14-Q-0082
N00173-14-Q-0083 1/8/14 N/A 1/13/14 RF Amplifiers 14-Q-0083
N00173-14-Q-0084 1/8/14 N/A 1/13/14 Dual Channel RF Receiver/Demodulator/Bit Synchronizer 14-Q-0084
N00173-14-Q-0088 1/15/14 N/A 1/27/14 Report On Energetics Biodegration 14-Q-0088
N00173-14-Q-0089 1/13/14 N/A 1/17/14 Computer Hardware 14-Q-0089
N00173-14-Q-0092 1/13/14 N/A 1/17/14 Optical Testing Systems Software and Computer 14-Q-0092
N00173-14-Q-0093 1/15/14 3/10/14 3/19/14 Replace Piping & Install Dispenser on Above Ground Storage Tank 14-Q-0093
N00173-14-Q-0096 1/17/14 N/A 1/27/14 Cisco ASR1002 Router Upgrade 14-Q-0096
N00173-14-Q-0097 1/17/14 N/A 1/27/14 Amplifiers 14-Q-0097
N00173-14-Q-0102 1/30/14 N/A 2/7/14 42U Custom Rack Case 14-Q-0102
N00173-14-Q-0103 1/28/14 N/A 2/4/14 4DSP ADC Mezzanine Card 14-Q-0103
N00173-14-Q-0104 1/27/14 N/A 2/7/14 Xilinx Virtex 6 FPGA Board 14-Q-0104
N00173-14-Q-0107 1/27/14 N/A 2/12/14 Cables 14-Q-0107
N00173-14-Q-0109 1/28/14 N/A 2/7/14 Oscillator and Amplifier 14-Q-0109
N00173-14-Q-0111 1/28/14 2/11/14 2/14/14 RAID Hard Disks 14-Q-0111
N00173-14-Q-0112 1/28/14 2/12/14 2/14/14 Office Storage Container 14-Q-0112
N00173-14-Q-0113 1/28/14 N/A 2/7/14 Amplifiers and Filter 14-Q-0113
N00173-14-Q-0114 1/30/14 N/A 2/7/14 Unmanned Autonomous Marine Surface Vehicle & Acoustic Sensor Pack 14-Q-0114
N00173-14-Q-0117 2/7/14 N/A 2/18/14 Radome Installation 14-Q-0117
N00173-14-Q-0118 2/7/14 N/A 2/18/14 Corrosion Control and Touchup Painting 14-Q-0118
N00173-14-Q-0119 2/7/14 3/21/14 3/26/14 DOR/CO/SIPRNET Project 14-Q-0119
N00173-14-Q-0120 2/10/14 N/A 2/19/14 DOR/CO/SIPRNet Project Equipment 14-Q-0120
N00173-14-Q-0122 2/10/14 N/A 2/20/14 Metal Space Frame Radome 14-Q-0122
N00173-14-Q-0127 2/13/14 N/A 2/21/14 4G Communications Testbed 14-Q-0127
N00173-14-Q-0132 2/21/14 3/6/14 3/12/14 LDUUV Stainless Pipe 14-Q-0132
N00173-14-Q-0136 2/24/14 N/A 3/5/14 Optical Transceiver 14-Q-0136
N00173-14-Q-0138 2/26/14 N/A 3/5/14 Dry Scroll Pumps 14-Q-0138
N00173-14-Q-0142 3/11/14 N/A 3/18/14 Behavior Detection Laboratory 14-Q-0142
N00173-14-Q-0143 3/11/14 N/A 3/17/14 RF Spectrum Capture and Relay System 14-Q-0143
N00173-14-Q-0144 3/11/14 N/A 3/17/14 KVM Switch 14-Q-0144
N00173-14-Q-0148 3/11/14 N/A 3/20/14 Networking Systems 14-Q-0148
N00173-14-Q-0152 3/14/14 4/14/14 4/18/14 Fiber Cables 14-Q-0152
N00173-14-Q-0154 3/17/14 5/8/14 5/23/14 High Pressure Multi Anvil Split Sphere Apparatus 14-Q-0154
N00173-14-Q-0158 3/20/14 N/A 3/31/14 Replacement of HEPA Filters 14-Q-0158
N00173-14-Q-0159 3/20/14 N/A 3/28/14 Amplifier Module 14-Q-0159
N00173-14-Q-0162 3/27/14 N/A 4/3/14 NETAPP E-SERIES SAN 14-Q-0162
N00173-14-Q-0163 3/31/14 N/A 4/7/14 Replacement Electronics 14-Q-0163
N00173-14-Q-0165 4/3/14 N/A 4/14/14 Components for HFSWR System 14-Q-0165
N00173-14-Q-0166 4/4/14 N/A 4/14/14 Plane Array Infrared Camera 14-Q-0166
N00173-14-Q-0167 4/9/14 N/A 4/16/14 Fabricated Metal Alloy Components 14-Q-0167
N00173-14-Q-0169 4/17/14 N/A 5/2/14 Lighting and Lighting Protection 14-Q-0169
N00173-14-Q-0171 4/7/14 N/A 4/16/14 MATLAB Software Annual Maintenance Renewal 14-Q-0171
N00173-14-Q-0180 4/16/14 N/A 4/25/14 Constant Extension Test/Corrosion-Fatigue System 14-Q-0180
N00173-14-Q-0181 4/22/14 N/A 5/2/14 Circuit Boards & Assembly 14-Q-0181
N00173-14-Q-0182 4/17/14 N/A 4/28/14 Cables and Connectors 14-Q-0182
N00173-14-Q-0184 4/24/14 5/1/14 5/5/14 RF Conditioning Enclosure 14-Q-0184
N00173-14-Q-0185 4/18/14 N/A 4/28/14 High Definition LIDAR Sensors 14-Q-0185
N00173-14-Q-0187 4/18/14 N/A 5/2/14 Replace Floor Tile 14-Q-0187
N00173-14-Q-0189 4/23/14 N/A 5/5/14 Overhaul/Test/Repair of MJB3 Mask Aligner 14-Q-0189
N00173-14-Q-0190 4/24/14 N/A 5/5/14  Hydrogen and Oxygen System Upgrade 14-Q-0190
N00173-14-Q-0191 4/25/14 N/A 5/6/14 Shipboard Radomes 14-Q-0191
N00173-14-Q-0195 5/1/14 5/30/14 6/4/14 Laser System 14-Q-0195
N00173-14-Q-0196 5/1/14 N/A 5/12/14 Modulators 14-Q-0196
N00173-14-Q-0197 5/1/14 N/A 5/12/14 Upconverter 14-Q-0197
N00173-14-Q-0198 5/1/14 N/A 5/12/14 Update NRL-CBD Spill Prevention Plan 14-Q-0198
N00173-14-Q-0204 5/6/14 N/A 5/13/14 Selective Laser Sintering 3D Printer System 14-Q-0204
N00173-14-Q-0206 5/9/14 N/A 5/19/14 PC Upgrade for PHI 545 Scanning Auger System 14-Q-0206
N00173-14-Q-0212 5/15/14  N/A 5/23/14 Vector Signal Analyzer and Components 14-Q-0212
N00173-14-Q-0215 5/19/14 N/A 6/6/14 New Foundation for Storage Units 14-Q-0215
N00173-14-Q-0216 5/16/14 N/A 5/27/14 Gunslinger Digitizer Option-3 14-Q-0216
N00173-14-Q-0218 5/19/14 N/A 5/27/14 Savant Commercial Software 14-Q-0218
N00173-14-Q-0228 5/27/14 N/A 6/4/14 Calorimeter and Water Handling System 14-Q-0228
N00173-14-Q-0229 5/27/14 N/A 6/4/14 Construction of Vertical and Horizontal Boards 14-Q-0229
N00173-14-Q-0230 5/27/14 N/A 6/6/14 Wireless Receiving System 14-Q-0230
N00173-14-Q-0236 6/2/14 N/A 6/12/14 Nanopositioner 14-Q-0236
N00173-14-Q-0237 6/2/14 N/A 6/12/14 Carbon Fiber Bottle Brush 14-Q-0237
N00173-14-Q-0240 6/5/14 N/A 6/16/14 Multiband Miniature Transceiver and Integration Support 14-Q-0240
N00173-14-Q-0241 6/5/14 N/A 6/16/14 Apple Products 14-Q-0241
N00173-14-Q-0244 6/6/14 N/A 6/16/14 Environmental Test Chamber 14-Q-0244
N00173-14-Q-0245 6/6/14 N/A 6/16/14 MathWorks Software 14-Q-0245
N00173-14-Q-0247 7/10/14 N/A 7/17/14 Superconducting Maget System 14-Q-0247
N00173-14-Q-0249 7/1/14 N/A 7/10/14 Maintenance for Air Compressor Stations 14-Q-0249
N00173-14-Q-0250 6/18/14 N/A 6/30/14 Single Board Processors and Cables 14-Q-0250
N00173-14-Q-0251 6/18/14 N/A 6/30/14 Tensile/Compression Stage 14-Q-0251
N00173-14-Q-0254 6/20/14 N/A 6/30/14 Sidekiq Platform Development Kit 14-Q-0254
N00173-14-Q-0257 6/23/14 N/A 7/2/14 PXI Chassis & Equipment Cards 14-Q-0257
N00173-14-Q-0259 6/24/14 N/A 7/7/14 Compressor; Purifier & Accessories 14-Q-0259
N00173-14-Q-0260 6/24/14 N/A 7/7/14 Spectrometer 14-Q-0260
N00173-14-Q-0263 6/24/14 N/A 7/3/14 Len, Array & Components 14-Q-0263
N00173-14-Q-0265 6/25/14 N/A 7/7/14  Photdetector 14-Q-0265
N00173-14-Q-0266 6/24/14 N/A 7/7/14 SAN Storage Switch 14-Q-0266
N00173-14-Q-0267 6/25/14 N/A 7/7/14 RF Coaxial Limiters 14-Q-0267
N00173-14-Q-0271 6/30/14 N/A 7/9/14 Spectrum Analyzers 14-Q-0271
N00173-14-Q-0272 7/10/14 N/A 7/17/14 Marine Engines 14-Q-0272
N00173-14-Q-0273 6/30/14 N/A 7/9/14 VP780 3U VPX Card & FMC160 14-Q-0273
N00173-14-Q-0274 7/1/14 N/A 7/11/14 Engines and Rigging Kits 14-Q-0274
N00173-14-Q-0276 6/30/14 N/A 7/9/14 Sump Pump Assembly 14-Q-0276
N00173-14-Q-0277 6/30/14 N/A 7/9/14 Spectrophotometer and Accessories 14-Q-0277
N00173-14-Q-0279 6/30/14 N/A 7/9/14 Gimbal Based Measurement Equipment 14-Q-0279
N00173-14-Q-0282 7/10/14 N/A 7/18/14 Digital Pulsed Force Mode System 14-Q-0282
N00173-14-Q-0287 7/21/14 N/A 7/30/14 EMC VNX 5300NAS/SAN Storage Device 14-Q-0287
N00173-14-Q-0289 7/15/14 N/A 7/25/14 Backup Server 14-Q-0289
N00173-14-Q-0292 7/21/14 N/A 7/30/14 Multisense Sensors 14-Q-0292
N00173-14-Q-0294 7/22/14 N/A 7/30/14 Optical Equipment 14-Q-0294
N00173-14-Q-0295 7/21/14 N/A 7/30/14 Five Channel Single Photon Detector System 14-Q-0295
N00173-14-Q-0296 7/21/14 N/A 7/30/14 Microscope Components 14-Q-0296
N00173-14-Q-0297 7/21/14 N/A 7/30/14 Microwave Power Module 14-Q-0297
N00173-14-Q-0299 7/23/14 N/A 8/1/14 Infrared Laser Array 14-Q-0299
N00173-14-Q-0300 7/22/14 9/2/14  9/8/14 Replace Carpet Bldg 222 2nd Floor 14-Q-0300
N00173-14-Q-0301 7/21/14 N/A 7/30/14 2-Channel Pattern Generator 14-Q-0301
N00173-14-Q-0302 7/21/14 N/A 7/30/14 Precision Cooling Unit for Computer Room 14-Q-0302
N00173-14-Q-0304 7/22/14 N/A 7/31/14 Waveguides, Flanges, and Mounting Hardware 14-Q-0304
7/23/14 N/A 8/1/14 Broad Gain Fabry-Perot Laser 14-Q-0307
N00173-14-Q-0308 7/30/14 N/A 8/8/14 Transmitter & Components 14-Q-0308
N00173-14-Q-0309 8/4/14 N/A 8/13/14 Recaulking of Construction Joints 14-Q-0309
N00173-14-Q-0312 7/30/14 N/A 8/8/14 Optical Transceiver 14-Q-0312
N00173-14-Q-0315 7/30/14 N/A 8/8/14 Reflectometer 14-Q-0315
N00173-14-Q-0316 8/13/14 N/A 8/25/14 Scientific Camera 14-Q-0316
N00173-14-Q-0318 7/30/14 N/A 8/8/14 PowerVault Storage Expansion 14-Q-0318
N00173-14-Q-0321 8/20/14 N/A 9/2/14  Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometer 14-Q-0321
N00173-14-Q-0322 8/20/14 N/A 9/2/14 Module 14-Q-0322
N00173-14-Q-0323 8/20/14 N/A 9/2/14 Switches 14-Q-0323
N00173-14-Q-0324 8/20/14 N/A 9/2/14 Signal Analyzer Upgrade 14-Q-0324
N00173-14-Q-0327 8/1/14 8/13/14 8/20/14 Pressure Vessel 14-Q-0327
N00173-14-Q-0328 8/4/14 N/A 8/14/14 Magneto-Optic Thick Film Crystals 14-Q-0328
N00173-14-Q-0330 8/7/14 N/A 8/18/14 Special Vision 2000-P QUADRUPOLE Mass Spectrometer 14-Q-0330
N00173-14-Q-0331 8/7/14 N/A 8/18/14 Design Rule Checker License 14-Q-0331
N00173-14-Q-0332 8/20/14 N/A 9/2/14 Flow Control Unit 14-Q-0332
N00173-14-Q-0334 8/20/14 N/A 9/2/14 Software 14-Q-0334
N00173-14-Q-0336 8/20/14 N/A 9/2/14 Test Transmitter 14-Q-0336
N00173-14-Q-0337 8/20/14 N/A 9/2/14 Closed Cycle Cryostat 14-Q-0337
N00173-14-Q-0338 8/20/14 N/A 9/2/14 Transceiver 14-Q-0338
N00173-14-Q-0339 8/20/14 N/A 9/2/14 Computer 14-Q-0339
N00173-14-Q-0340 8/20/14 N/A 9/2/14 Gas Compressor System 14-Q-0340
N00173-14-Q-0341 8/20/14 N/A 9/2/14 16-Bit Synchronous DAQ Modules 14-Q-0341
N00173-14-Q-0345 8/12/14 N/A 8/19/14 RF Multicouple 14-Q-0345
N00173-14-Q-0346 8/12/14 N/A 8/22/14 40mW DFB Laser 14-Q-0346
N00173-14-Q-0349 8/12/14 N/A 8/22/14 Amplifiers 14-Q-0349
N00173-14-Q-0350 8/12/14 N/A 8/19/14 Computer System 14-Q-0350
N00173-14-Q-0352 8/13/14 N/A 8/25/14 COMSOL Multiphysics Single User License 14-Q-0352
N00173-14-Q-0356 8/18/14 N/A 8/25/14 Lightwave Multimeter, Mainframe & Accessories 14-Q-0356
N00173-14-Q-0359 8/25/14  N/A 9/2/14 E/O Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser & Accessories 14-Q-0359
N00173-14-Q-0362 8/25/14 N/A 9/2/14 COMSOL Software 14-Q-0362
N00173-14-Q-0363 8/25/14 N/A 9/2/14  Division Support Services 14-Q-0363
N00173-14-Q-0366 8/20/14 N/A 9/2/14 1H12-25K-480 25 KW Inverter & Accessories 14-Q-0366
N00173-14-Q-0367 8/20/14 N/A 9/2/14 Software - Quality Advisor 14-Q-0367
N00173-14-Q-0369 8/25/14 N/A 9/2/14 Real Time Signal Analyzer and Components 14-Q-0369
N00173-14-Q-0370 8/25/14 N/A 9/2/14 KEITHLEY Parameter Analyzer Upgrade 14-Q-0370
N00173-14-Q-0372 9/2/14 N/A 9/11/14 FEKO Floating License 14-Q-0372
N00173-14-Q-0374 8/29/14 N/A 9/9/14 Computer Display 14-Q-0374
N00173-14-Q-0376 8/29/14 N/A 9/9/14 FAS2554 Hybrid Storage Array System & Equipment 14-Q-0376
N00173-14-Q-0377 8/29/14 N/A 9/9/14 Connector 14-Q-0377
N00173-14-Q-0378 9/2/14 N/A 9/12/14 Short Wave Infrared Camera 14-Q-0378
N00173-14-Q-0379 9/2/14 N/A 9/12/14 Infrared Fourier Vacuum Spectrometer 14-Q-0379
N00173-14-Q-0380 9/5/14 N/A 9/15/14 Total Ionorganic Carbon Analysis 14-Q-0380
N00173-14-Q-0381 9/2/14 N/A 9/12/14 Computer Data Systems 14-Q-0381
N00173-14-Q-0386 9/5/14 N/A 9/15/14 Raman Spectrometer 14-Q-0386
N00173-14-Q-0399 9/5/14 N/A 9/15/14 Amplifier 14-Q-0399
N00173-14-Q-0400 9/9/14 N/A 9/19/14 Aberdeen Clustered File Server Upgrade and Real-Time Replication 14-Q-0400
N00173-14-Q-0401 9/9/14 N/A 9/19/14 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGAs) 14-Q-0401
N00173-14-Q-0403 9/9/14 N/A 9/19/14 A Flash X-Ray System 14-Q-0403
N00173-14-Q-0405 9/11/14 N/A 9/22/14 Provide Screens to Chilled Water Plant Cooling Towers 14-Q-0405
N00173-14-Q-0408 9/22/14 N/A 9/26/14 Pick and Place Machine 14-Q-0408
N00173-14-Q-0409 9/18//14 N/A 9/25/14 IT Cases 14-Q-0409
N00173-14-Q-0410 10/1/14 N/A 10/10/14 Sensor Array 14-Q-0410
N00173-14-Q-0412 9/22/14 N/A 9/26/14 Small Instrumentation Modules 14-Q-0412
N00173-14-Q-0413 9/22/14 N/A 9/26/14 Inertial Navigation System 14-Q-0413
N00173-14-Q-0414 9/22/14 N/A 9/26/14 Thin Film Deposition Chamber 14-Q-0414
N00173-14-Q-0415 9/22/14 N/A 9/26/14 Transmission Loss Tube 14-Q-0415
N00173-14-Q-0416 9/22/14 N/A 9/26/14 Liquid Nitrogen Delivery System 14-Q-0416
N00173-14-Q-0418 9/22/14 N/A 9/26/14 Device and Server Licenses 14-Q-0418
N00173-14-Q-0421 9/18/14 N/A 9/25/14 S902R Quad Core 14-Q-0421
N00173-14-Q-0424 9/22/14 N/A 9/26/14 Beam Profiler & Accessories 14-Q-0424
N00173-14-Q-0425 9/22/14 N/A 9/26/14 Transient Convolution Bundled License 14-Q-0425
N00173-14-Q-0426 9/22/14 N/A 9/26/14 Carbon Fiber Electrodes and Amplifiers 14-Q-0426
N00173-14-Q-0431 9/22/14 N/A 9/26/14 Street Sweeping at Naval Research Laboratory 14-Q-0431
N00173-14-Q-0435 9/22/14 N/A 9/26/14 UV Laser Engineering Module 14-Q-0435
N00173-14-Q-0439 9/18/14 N/A 9/25/14 Connectors 14-Q-0439
N00173-14-Q-0442 9/18/14 N/A 9/25/14 Infrared Fourier Vacuum Spectrometer 14-Q-0442
N00173-14-Q-0445 9/18/14 N/A 9/25/14 Discovery Thermal Gravimetric Analyzer (TGA) 14-Q-0445
N00173-14-Q-0446 9/18/14 N/A 9/25/14 Electron Beam Deposition Retrofit Kit 14-Q-0446
N00173-14-Q-0447 9/18/14 N/A 9/25/14 Photodiodes 14-Q-0447
N00173-14-Q-0448 9/22/14 N/A 9/26/14 3-Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) 14-Q-0448
N00173-14-Q-0449 9/22/14 N/A 9/26/14 In-situ Fiber Optic Coupled Infrared Reflection Absorption Spectroscopy (IRRAS) System 14-Q-0449
N00173-14-Q-0450 9/22/14 N/A 9/26/14 IBM Rational DOORS Software Subscription 14-Q-0450
N00173-14-Q-0451 9/22/14 N/A 9/26/14 Microwave Power Module 14-Q-0451
N00173-14-Q-0453 9/29/14 N/A 10/7/14 Ultraflex MALDI TOF/TOF 14-Q-0453
N00173-14-Q-0455 9/18/14 N/A 9/25/14 Activity Detection Module 14-Q-0455
N00173-14-Q-0456 9/18/14 N/A 9/25/14 VP780 3U VPX Card and FMC160 14-Q-0456
N00173-14-Q-0457 9/18/14 N/A 9/25/14 MacBook, Hard Drives and Assorted IT Supplies 14-Q-0457
N00173-14-Q-0464 9/23/14 N/A 9/26/14 Laser Modules 14-Q-0464
N00173-14-Q-0465 10/1/14 N/A 10/10/14 L/Ka Block Up & Block Down Converters 14-Q-0465
N00173-14-Q-0467 10/1/14 N/A 10/10/14 EELS Analysis Software 14-Q-0467
N00173-14-Q-0468 10/1/14 N/A 10/10/14 M-Flex Material Printing System 14-Q-0468
N00173-14-Q-0474 9/26/14 N/A 10/5/14 Software 14-Q-0474
N00174-14-Q-0476 10/1/14 N/A 10/10/14 FEKO Software 14-Q-0476
N00174-14-Q-0484 10/1/14 N/A 10/14/14 Pressure Vessel 14-Q-0484
N00174-14-Q-0485 10/1/14 N/A 10/14/14 Modulators 14-Q-0485
N00174-14-Q-0486 10/1/14 N/A 10/10/14 150 mm Manual High Frequency Probe System 14-Q-0486
N00174-14-Q-0487 10/1/14 N/A 10/10/14 MATHWORKS Software 14-Q-0487
N00173-14-Q-0488 10/3/14 N/A 10/14/14 VAT Gate Valve Control System 14-Q-0488
N00173-14-Q-0491 10/7/14 N/A 10/17/14 Pumping System with Frame 14-Q-0491
N00173-14-Q-0493 N/A N/A N/A Lab Supplies 14-Q-0493
N00173-14-Q-0494 10/14/14 N/A 10/24/14 Nano Star Trackers 14-Q-0494
N00173-14-Q-0495 N/A N/A N/A 5Am2 MTBs 14-Q-0495
N00173-14-Q-0496 10/14/14 N/A 10/24/14 Lab Acquisition Hardware 14-Q-0496
N00173-14-Q-0497 N/A N/A N/A Install Service Platforms with Access Ladders 14-Q-0497
N00173-15-Q-0001 N/A N/A N/A AC System 15-Q-0001

Combined Synopsis/Solicitation

The following combined synopsis/solicitation have been posted to the Federal Business Opportunities (  The FedBizOps notice also provides instructions for preparing and submitting quotations.  No written solicitation will be issued.  This information is provided for your convenience.

Solicitation Number  Date Posted                   Title Response Date
N00173-14-Q-0043 11/26/13             LynxWorks Software 12/11/13
N00173-14-Q-0044 11/26/13             Thermal Analysis Suite 12/11/13
N00173-14-Q-0054 12/5/13 Semi-Automated   Form/Roundness/Concentricity/Surface Finish  Metrology Inspection Instrument System 12/23/13
N00173-14-Q-0202 4/23/14

         330 PRO Series Firmware Physical WP Switches

N00173-14-Q-0224 5/6/14 Engineering & Support for Upgrade of Digital SIGINT System (DSS) Receiver Processor Units (RPU) 5/20/14
N00173-14-Q-0225 5/6/14 Adaptors 5/20/14
N00173-14-Q-0226 5/6/14 Alpha Step D-120 Stylus Profilometer 5/20/14
N00173-14-Q-0227 5/9/14 Rackmount Power Station & Components 5/23/14
N00173-14-Q-0233 5/14/14 Dual Axis, Monopulse Scanning Antenna in Ka Band 5/28/14
N00173-14-Q-0234 5/13/14 Boom Lift 5/27/14
N00173-14-Q-0242 5/22/14 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope & Upgrades 6/5/14
N00173-14-Q-0243 5/21/14 IR-VASE Mark II Infrared Variable Angle Spectroscope Ellipsometer 6/4/14
N00173-14-Q-0268 6/11/14 Maintenance and Configuration Services at CBD 7/18/14
N00173-14-Q-0269 6/12/14 Upgrade to 3 Programmable Logic Controllers 6/27/14
N00173-14-Q-0270 6/12/14 Three Dry Pump 6/27/14
N00173-14-Q-0290 7/8/14 Fiber Optic Link Transmitter & Receiver 7/22/14
N00173-14-Q-0342 7/18/14 Office Move - Monterey 8/1/14
N00173-14-Q-0343 7/18/14 Portable Disel Generator 8/1/14
N00173-14-Q-0354 7/31/14 Software Licenses & Annual Maintenance 8/14/14
N00173-14-Q-0382 8/14/14 Radome Humidifier 8/29/14

Notice to Unsuccessful Vendors

Notification to unsuccessful contractors/vendors will only be given if requested. When a contractor/vendor requests information on an award, which was based on factors other than price alone, the notification will include a brief explanation of the basis for the contract award decision, but will not include a point by point comparison with the successful quote.

NRL Purchase Card Program

NRL promotes a highly successful purchase card program with over 300 cardholders. Our cardholders represent scientists, engineers, support personnel and contracting officers.  For additional information about participating in the purchase card program please contact our Agency Program Coordinator, via e-mail or phone at (202) 404-8165.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do if the items or services that I quote on are not the same as those requested?

If a contractor/vendor has offered something different than the NRL requester has asked for, the Contracting Officer/Purchasing Agent will work with the requester to determine if the substituted item(s) or service(s) are acceptable.

What if I am unable to meet the required delivery, but I quote the best price?

The Contracting Officer/Purchasing Agent will contact the NRL requester for the purpose of determining if the delivery date quoted would be acceptable. If the requester relaxes the required delivery date, then all contractors/vendors originally solicited will have to be notified of this relaxed requirement and be permitted to submit a new quote.

How long does it take to award a purchase order after the closing date of the RFQ?

It is the responsibility of the NRL requester to evaluate the technical aspects of a quotation and determine the contractor's/vendor's compliance or non-compliance with the specification requirements. After receipt of quotes, the entire quotation package, exclusive of prices, is forwarded to the requester for a written evaluation. This usually takes only a matter of a few days.

Does the lowest quoter always get the award?

Contracting Officers/Purchasing Agents may evaluate quotations based on price alone or price and other factors (e.g. past performance or quality). If quotes are evaluated on price and other factors, these other factors will be identified and made clear in the RFQ.

Are discounts offered by a contractor in his quote considered in the evaluation?

Often times, contractors/vendors are sometimes willing to extend discounts based on quantity. The buyer will take this type of discount into consideration in the evaluation of the quoted price prior to award. However, prompt payment discounts offered, while greatly appreciated, cannot be considered in the evaluation of quotes.


Points of Contact

Reach us by email:

General inquiries:

Specific solicitation questions:

Payment by Credit Card:
Submit invoices per Block 19 of the purchase order or contact for assistance.

Other payment methods inquires:
Submit invoices per Block 19 of the purchase order or contact for assistance.

Reach us by phone:

Small Purchase (General) (202) 767-9288
Purchasing Branch Head (202) 767-2303
Deputy Supply Officer (202) 767-3778
Supply Officer (202) 767-3446

  Small Business Participation

Open market acquisitions with an anticipated value greater than $3000 are set aside by law exclusively for small businesses regardless of the procurement vehicle.   The NRL Supply and Information Services Division has very stringent small business participation goals that we make every effort to meet.   Small business participation in the procurement process, here at NRL, continues to grow. 

For more information visit the U.S. Small Business Administration at SBA.Gov


Proposed Acquisitions between $25,000.01 and $150,000 will be synopsized on the Federal Business Opportunities Website for 15 days prior to solicitation.   The Contracting Officer will consider each individual procurement as to its complexity, availability and urgency when establishing the response time to the RFQ. 


The System for Award Management (SAM) is a free web site that consolidates the capabilitites you used to find in CCR/FedReg, ORCA and EPLS.   All Contractors must be registered in SAM. 

User guides and helpful hints for SAM can be found at the Service Desk:

 Contractors On-Site

Requirements for On-Site Contractors

 Closed RFQs

Closed RFQs FY13

Links of Interest

Federal Bus Opportunities (FedBizOpps)
NRL Contracting Division
Small Business Administration (SBA)
System for Award Management (SAM)